Property Management

We offer full and custom services to landlords of small (single family dwelling) to midsize properties (Building apartments up to 40 Units)

Property Management Services:

  • Leasing
  • Legal & Administrative
  • Property maintenance
  • Property optimization for increased rental income
  • Renovations of properties

Property management packages:

  1. Hassle free rental income with longterm contracts. In this package, we will pay the landlord a guaranteed set fee on monthly basis for the property and we will rent out and collect the rent ourselves. In this package Landlords do not have to pay or worry about non-payment issues from tenants, or the cost of property maintenance and issues that arises with wear and tear of the property. We will also manage major expenditures at no additional fee.
  2. Fee based property management:
    In this package we charge for a set monthly fee or a percentage of the rental income to provide management services to Landlords. Fees vary based on property size and required services.